Valrhona Guanaja

Valrhona Guanaja
70% Cocoa | Extra Bitter



Valrhona Guanaja
Guanaja is the best known of the Valrhona Grands Crus as it was the first to delight the lovers of bitter dark chocolate.

On 30th July 1502 Christopher Columbus landed on the Island of Guanaja, offshore from Honduras.
Valrhona has given this legendary name to the most powerful of its chocolate Grands Crus.

Valrhona has rediscovered the best cocoas, Criollos (tree) with the aroma of flowers and fruit, and the Trinitarios (tree) typified by a strong bouquet to mix them all together in an exceptional bitterness.

Its intense taste brought out by hints of flowers reveals intensity - exceptionally long on the palate.

Minimum 70% cocoa content.

Valrhona Guanaja

Cocoa Mass
Cane Sugar
Cocoa Butter
Emulsifier: Lecithin, Vanilla

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