Since 1969 the Slitti family has been known for excellence in coffee and when in 1988 Andrea started creating exceptional chocolates the worldwide market learned what truly great chocolate is. Lattenerot recent creation, is the "new milk chocolate".

Andrea Slitti wrote in one of his Press Releases: " I became Aware of the difficulties that lovers of Milk Chocolate had in declaring their personal taste as compared to lovers of Dark Chocolate. From that moment on, I had the idea to create "Lattenero", the New Milk Chocolate that encompasses all the aromatic components of cocoa. This new line of chocolate, can be found in 45%, 51%, 62% and 70%, will enable all to reach a happy medium of taste, also pleasing the lovers of dark chocolate"

Slitti Gran Cacao

Siltti Gran Cacao Chocolate
73% Cocoa | Extra Bitter




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