Domori have a strong, poetic vision about fine chocolate. They believe in quality of taste, information for the consumer, protecting and promoting the biodiversity of the cacao beans and innovation in new ways of presenting chocolate. Their passion is summed up by their motto 'Cacao Cult' - they take chocolate very seriously!

Fortunately their products back up this passion - they produce one of the finest and most interesting ranges of varietal chocolate around, presented in a fresh and modern way. Un-fortunately their chocolate is little known in the English speaking world and very hard to find, though we hope this will change in the near future.

Domori were founded in 1996 after three years of travel in Central and South America in search of flavour cacao beans. Since that time they have been producing a growing range of unique origin and blend chocolates, including their award winning Porcelana.

Domori Puertomar Puertomar
75% Cocoa | Extra Bitter

Hacienda San Josè located on the peninsula of Paria, Venezuela.


Domori Porcelana

Domori Porcelana
70% Cocoa | Extra Bitter

Domori began our adventure with Porcelana in 1994


Domori Puertofino Puertofino
70% Cocoa | Bitter Sweet

Hacienda San Josè located on the peninsula of Paria, Venezuela


Domori Grand Blend No 1

Domori Grand Blend No 1Domori Grand Blend No 1
78% Cocoa | Extra Bitter

The Blend N° 1, indeed, stems from the intention of achieving the three balances of the Domori Code


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