Cocoa has been grown in Ghana since the mid 19th Century. Cocoa was first exported at the end of the 19th century and between 1911 - 1976 Ghana was the world's leading producer, contributing between 30-40% of the world' s total output.

In order to combat the threat of the farmers losing out during the liberalisation of the cocoa market in 1993, a group of cocoa farmers came together to form a co-operative that would collect and sell its own cocoa for the member farmers' own benefit. Supported by Twin, they set up their own company to buy their cocoa and sell it on to the Government Cocoa Buying Board. The cocoa farmers' organisation was founded and named "Kuapa Kokoo" which in the local language, Twi, means "Good Cocoa Farmers Company". Their motto is "Pa Pa Paa" which means "the best of the best".

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Darkly Divine Chocolate
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