Chocovic Ocumare

Chocovic Ocumare
71% Cocoa | Bitter Sweet




Chocovic Ocumare
The "Fine-flavoured Cocoa" by excellence, Criollo is the rarest and most widely sought of the cocoas. Its tree, very fragile and with a low output, requires meticulous care, on which the quality of the future chocolate will depend. This exceptional cocoa is only cultivated in small quantities (5 to 10% of world production) in countries where cocoa grows, and particularly Venezuela.
In 1634 there were already documents describing the first shipments of Venezuelan cocoa to Spain and since then, Venezuela has been consolidated as one of the producers of the best, finest cocoa in the world.

NUT: A violet red colour with a sharp tip at one end and a rough surface, it contains between 20 and 30 grains per nut.

GRAIN: Light grey-brown colour, almost translucent, thick with a round cross section.

FERMENTATION: Between two and three days

DRYING: In the sun directly on the ground or on leaves.

TASTE: A soft aroma with tones of exotic woods, dried fruit and spiced tones, a delicate, persistent taste, well-proportioned and full. Special note of the cedar, tobacco and prune tones. 

Chocovic Ocumare

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