Barry Callebaut

Callebaut has become a household name for baking chocolate and is most commonly used as the basis for most Belgian Chocolates. In 1996, this Belgian chocolate couverture producer and the French Cacao Barry joined forces to create a progressive and powerful new group called Barry Callebaut. Both companies have enjoyed an excellent reputation as reliable suppliers of high-quality products, and as solid partners for thousands of craftsmen and manufacturers in the food industry.

Callebaut selects the finest cocoa beans from the Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Brazil, Mexico and Ghana. With attention to detail and superior quality, Callebaut makes a superior baking chocolate and is characterized by its sweet, yet strong Belgian chocolate couverture taste platform.

Callebaut 3x4 Dark Chocolat

Callebaut 3x4 Dark Chocolate
62% Cocoa | Extra Bitter



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